Stark Differences, Elrod and DePrez

Debra Berrera reviews the exhibition Fantasy Island by Jeff Elrod and Jeremy DePrez for Glasstire

Elrod’s and DePrez’s works don’t fuse together. Like wings on appliances, their symbiosis is jarring at first glance. Yet, the juxtaposition amplifies each artist’s strengths. Elrod’s meticulous surfaces and precise color choices are undeniable, while DePrez’s sincerity is emphasized next to Elrod’s clean distance. Despite stark differences between the newly-minted DePrez and the established Elrod, there is an undercurrent of deep respect between the artists. Elrod and DePrez both reconsider what painting can be and in this exhibition their voices register on the same frequency. 

Jeff Elrod, Echo Painting (b/w), UV ink on canvas

Jeff Elrod, Air-Step (for J.S.), UV ink on canvas

Jeff Elrod, Blue Cheer, UV ink on canvas


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