What I really want to do, Jason Stopa interview

...As a painter, you always want to set up parameters that don't allow you to get bored.  One of the things I'm interested in is contradiction.  It seemed like the first half of the 20th century was about keeping metaphysics in painting - nothingness, mystery, sublime, existentialism etc.  Then the second half came along and threw it out.  I'm interested in creating an ambiguous space in a painting - shallow depth, physicality of texture and a touch and go sense of reality. This allows me to play. Which is really what I want to do the most.

That's Jason Stopa's response to Valerie Brennan's question about what the future holds for his work. 

Brennan  interviewed Jason Stopa for her blog, Studio Critical.
ow Tide/Flying V, 2013. Oil and spray paint on canvas.
(Joggie Series)

Nothing But Net, 2013. Oil on canvas.
(Brooklyn Zoo Series)


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