Raul Gonzalez, drawing a ghost town

Raul Gonzalez exhibition Los Nuevos Guerreros (The New Warriors) is up at Carroll and Sons in Boston. Most of us are aware of the ongoing violence in Juarez, Gonzalez brings the daily struggle of life in Juarez to the forefront in this series of 101 drawings. Robert Moeller interviewed Gonzalez for Hyperallergic where Gonzalez explains..

I grew up in and out of Juárez as a youth, and for me it has been troubling to view these developments from afar, considering that I remembered a city filled with hustle and bustle wherein many were busy and happily working. When I last visited four years ago, Juárez was basically a ghost town, and most of the tourist and clients who would visit the mercados and bars were nowhere to be found. There was an underlying tension and desperation that was evident in its populace. The violence becomes so commonplace because in a city where no one is to be trusted, silence is your best friend and speaking out can result in death for either you or your loved ones.

Raúl Gonzalez, “El Ultimo Cigarro” (2012), mixed media on paper
Raúl Gonzalez, “El Desconectado” (2012), mixed media on paper


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