Uncanny canvases, David Reed, Artist Interview

David Reed was interviewed by Alexander Forbes of ArtInfo. They discuss his exhibition at Hausler Contemporary in Zurich.

We did one room that had paintings that were magenta and turquoise. They are two colors that I sometimes use, but we assembled about half a dozen paintings that had that basic color cord. Originally, I thought those colors came from growing up in California. When you close your eyes in the bright sun you see a magenta color. And turquoise of course is very related to California. Then I became obsessed with the Hitchcock film, Vertigo, and thought that my interest in turquoise, magenta, and rose came from that film. But it turns out that a lot of the Technicolor films from that era were done from filmstock that were basically those two colors. All other colors were made out of those two colors. I wanted a viewer to come into this room of turquoise and magenta paintings and feel a sense of the uncanny, where you’re not sure exactly what’s happened. I wanted to continue that pair of colors and use them in new paintings.

Installation view, David Reed

#600-3, 2006-2009/2012-2013, oil and alkd on polyester, 91.4 x 366 cm

#309, 1991-97, oil and alkyd on linen, 67 x 274 cm

Installation view, David Reed


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