Anonymous Tantric Paintings and Ron Nagle's ceramics

This is the first of several posts on the Venice Biennale. I've never gone in October before but I may be a convert. The weather was wonderful, sunny and mild, and the crowds were manageable. This happy situation gave me plenty of time to think about the exhibition.  Without even getting in to the hubris of the title "Encyclopedic Palace", the impossibility of Massimiliano Gioni's task seem to pervade the exhibition. I saw a lot of very interesting work, and rather than an encyclopedia I felt like I was in Gioni's Curiosity Cabinet with him pointing out one more cool or odd thing he'd collected. His collection, which is wonderful, includes a lot of visionary art, overlooked artists, small almost discrete sculpture and lots of drawing (which was wonderful). There was some painting but there wasn't much new ground broken there.

Below are some beautiful Ron Nagle ceramic sculpture's, behind them are a series of Anonymous Tantric Paintings.

Anonymous Tantric Paintings and Ron Nagle's sculpture

Anonymous Tantric Paintings

Anonymous Tantric Paintings  

Ron Nagle, ceramic sculpture


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