Artist Interview - Radcliffe Bailey

Lilly Lampe visited Radcliffe Bailey at his studio this summer for Burnaway. A lot of labels are attached to Bailey and his work and they address that in the interview, I like that Bailey defines himself as 'just an artist'. When Lampe asked him about working in the studio Bailey responded
Well, time doesn’t exist when I’m working. I shut everything down and don’t think about how other people operate. It’s like you get off a plane and you’re still in the time zone you came from. I have to create that time zone to work, which doesn’t relate to any particular coast or anything; it’s more like my own personal time zone. And that’s when I work the best. I put myself in that time zone. I sleep when I want to sleep, get up when I want to get up, I work when I want to work, and I create a pattern and try to stay to that. I don’t look at it as the sun rising or the sun sets, or a nine-to-five, it’s a day to day. Which can be difficult if, say, you’re a professor and you have to deal with time. Or when you’re living in a city and things are moving around constantly.

Work in progress, studio

Notes From Elmina II, Radcliffe Bailey

Notes From Elmina I, Radcliffe Bailey


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