Erick Benson's Urban Landscapes

Erik Benson's paintings were featured on BOMBLOG's Art Portfolio. He also included a stop motion of a painting in process, I have a soft spot for watching a work develop, Check out the video here.

Here is Benson discussing his work for a PS1 Studio Visit
 I build my paintings using a cut and paste collage method. Paint is poured onto a glass table. It dries and is cut into shapes, and collaged to create the forms and structures in my work. I am interested in the mimetic relationship between the architectural subjects in the paintings and the process in which they are produced.

Dead Leaves/Full Moon, 2013
Acrylic on linen over panel, 28 by 36 inches

Blacktop, 2013
Acrylic on linen over panel, 60 by 72 inches


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