Julie Oppermann, Artist Interview

Art Rated's Sarah Hall interviewed painter Julie Oppermann. They discuss Oppermann's background as a neuroscientist at UC Berkeley and Hall asks if this background influences her artistic practice? Oppermann responds

Oh absolutely, the connection is there. I think my time at Berkeley really changed my work, but I have to say that I didn’t notice the connection right away. It actually happened my first semester at Hunter. I was taking a course called Color Seminar, and during the first three weeks of class we were assigned a lot of reading about the neurobiology of the visual system. I had this ah-ha moment where it all came together and I could suddenly see the connections between what I had been doing at Berkeley and what I was working on in my studio. It started with the idea that ‘seeing’ happens in the brain, not the retina. In the end it was all related to perception, which is really just a starting point – how do we interpret what we see, how do we construct meaning, how can a visual experience, such as looking at an abstract painting, affect us physically and emotionally?

Julie Oppermann

Acrylic on wall


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