Paul Klee, the EY Exhibition

The Tate Modern has just opened an exhibition of the wonderful Paul Klee. Reduced to a twittering bird drawing in art history textbooks it's high time a broader look at his career has arrived in a major museum. Painting, drawings and watercolors from his time teaching at the Bauhaus is the focus of the exhibition.

Although Klee saw his art as a process of spontaneous creativity and natural growth, exemplified by his famous description of drawing as ‘taking a line for a walk’, he actually worked with great rigour. The exhibition will challenge Klee’s reputation as a solitary dreamer, revealing the innovation and rigour with which Klee created his work and presented it to the public.
Matthew Gale, Curator

Paul Klee Redgreen and Violet-Yellow Rhythms 1920

Paul Klee, Fire at Full Moon1933

Paul Klee, Remembrance Sheet of a Conception 1918


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