Steve Roden's Ragpicker at CRG

Steve Roden's show Ragpicker at CRG are based on his dialogue with philosopher Walter Benjamin's notebook.  According to the CRG..
The large paintings included in the show based are on a selection of Benjamin’s 36 methods of crossing out mistakes in his notes, organized by Roden into index cards and pulled at random to determine the structure of the subsequent work. The smaller paintings are based on a postcard from Benjamin’s childhood collection featuring the Siena Cathedral. The large works on paper, approximately the size of the artist’s body, are dictated by the color schema from the Arcades notebooks, and they also draw from French-Swiss architect Le Corbusier’s design schema for buildings in Chandigarh, India.
Steven Roden, Ragpickeer

seventh view, 2013, Oil on linen, 14 X 11 inches

Tenth view, 2013, Oil on linen, 14 X 11 inches

Installation view


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