Franklin Evans, Artist Interview

I've been following the evolution of Franklin Evans works over the last couple of years, since his PS1 installation. It's the small shifts that have interested me, actual tape becoming trompe l'oeil tape as well as the evolving role of the digital print in his installations.  Greg Linquist interviewed Franklin Evans over the summer and fall. Linquist ask the quintessential question, why paint?

I am interested in the materiality of painting. I like those kinds of beautiful painting marks that can be stretched and reinterpreted by digital media. So I combine inkjet printing in front of the other painted things. The materialness of painting with the digitally printed matter is important to how my work evolves. more

Franklin Evans, Installation At Marie Walsh Sharpe Space Program, Brooklyn, NY, 2009. Photo: Stuart Stelzer.

Franklin Evans, “timepaths.” Nevada Museum of Art, Reno, NV, 2013. Photo: Jamie Kingham.


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