Mute, Francisco Sutil at Nohra Haime

John Yau, Hyperallergic, writes about Chilean artist Francisca Sutil's show at Nohra Haime Gallery.  
Applying white gouache or oil paint to a black ground, Sutil starts in the upper left corner, moving across the surface. When she finishes a row, she begins immediately on the next one, but not always. Sometimes she starts mid-row with a new color, or the row trails off uncompleted. For all the uniformity of the shape, each imprint is different, going from dense to translucent. Different clusters and configurations seem on the brink of emerging from and dissolving back into the overall field, which feels as if it is in a state of change. In some rows, the imprints tilt to the left, while in others they lean slightly to the right. The effect is mesmerizing, as our attention keeps refocusing, moving from one to many and back. In the few works where she doesn’t finish a row before beginning the next, she seems to be acknowledging that we break time down into small, manageable passages.  more
Francisca Sutil, “MUTE 3″ (2009–10) Oil on Paper (all images courtesy Nohra Haime Gallery)

Francisca Sutil, “MUTE 16″ (2009–10) Oil on Paper
Fancisco Sutil, Mute 11, Oil on Paper


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