Artist Interview, Andy Parkinson

Valerie Brennan interviewed Andy Parkinson for her blog Studio Critical. They discussed his studio, his work schedule and of course his process. In response to Brennan's question about how the work begins Parkinson replies...

     The grid is nearly always my starting point because that seems the most rational way of dividing the surface to create a pattern that relates to the dimensions of the support. I think in terms of pattern and surface as opposed to ‘picture’.  If I wasn’t using a grid I would likely make only colour monochromes, always an alluring alternative for me.     At present I either take canvases that were once finished and paint over them, Or, I deliberately create a new pattern which I then paint over. In both cases I attempt to obliterate what’s underneath, whilst knowing that residual elements will show through, becoming incorporated into the completed piece. What gets painted is determined by a system or pattern, whereas what gets incorporated is largely determined by chance.... more      
Parkinson also maintains a blog patternsthatconnect
Andy Parkinson, studio view

Andy Parkinson, studio view

Andy Parkinson, neoneo, acrylic on canvas, 24 x 24"

Andy Parkinson, Veil, acrylic on canvas on board, 12 x 12"


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