Artist Interview, John O'Conner's Metamorphosis

John O'Conner's recent show at Piergo The Machine and the Ghost. Ridley Howard interviewed O'Conner for Burnaway. Howard asked O'Conner's if his show sought to .. frame something about contemporary experience.. O'Conner replies...
I guess it’s my desire to truly know something. I’m curious about how our ways of thinking and behaving are affected by so many other things—everything, really. Not simply the media or Internet, but our friends’ tastes, the weather, color, sound, etc. And how these experiences then change us and lead us to behave differently. It’s like a metamorphosis. I guess I wish I could see what’s happening to me, or you, or anyone, really.  more

John O'Connor, Love Letters (Diptych), 2013 Acrylic on Panel, 9 x 12" ea

John O'Connor, Ego Letters (Diptych), 2013 Acrylic on Panel, 12 x 8" ea

John O'Connor, Monster 1992-2012, 2013 Ink, acrylic, color pencil, graphite on color photograph, 65 x 39"

John O'Connor, What is Best for Us, 2013 Acrylic on Panel, 24 x 20"


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