Lucy McKenzie's symbols

Last November I posted on Lucy McKenzie's trompe l'oeil paintings in Antwerp. Her work is included in the Painting Now: Five Contemporary Artists at the Tate. In a primarily focused on McKenzie's show at the Stedelijk Museum, Isla Leaver-Yap writes in the journal Afterall

In the quodlibet, for example, everything is reduced to symbols: objects become attributes of manners good and bad. Its verisimilitude allows even distorted representations of real-life objects to signify reality without holding any responsibility to real life. McKenzie’s own dictum — ‘social engagement within contemporary art is itself a form of trompe l’oeil ‘ — hints at such an understanding.27 Trompe l’oeil allows her to inhabit the aesthetic behaviours of her subjects, and her dexterity of styles is yet another expression of her agency. more

Lucy McKenzie, Quodlibet XXII (Nazism) 2012 © Lucy McKenzie 
Lucy McKenzie, Quodlibet XX (Facism) 2012 © Lucy McKenzie Photo: courtesy Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, Antwerp  


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