Rene Magritte, good solid fun!

Here are some images from the Magritte survey at MOMA. Holland Cotter called the show good solid fun. Cotter writes
...he had ideas. He was a sophisticated trickster, a bourgeois gentilhomme with a geek inside, hacking into everyday life and planting little weirdness bugs: legs sprouting from shirt collars, rain falling upward, words having lives of their own.
He was an attention-grabber with one gift, but a crucial one: for puzzle-making. You may not get, at first glance, what’s going on in his paintings, but you get that there’s something to get. So you look again. And again. Which is, of course, a marketer’s dream. more
The good news is that the show will travel to the Art Institute of Chicago this summer, rightly so since they hold a marvelous amount of his work. The show will also travel to the Menil Collection. The bad news is the exhibition has its own a website, with music. That probably wraps up everything I have to say about that! Ignore the website and go see the show!

The Portrait, 1935

Time Transfixed, 1938

The Menaced Assassin
The Eternally Obvious, 1930, Oil on 5 canvases. The Menil Collection, Houston


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