Artist Interview, Sharon Butler

Elizabeth Johnson, The Art Blog, interviewed Sharon Butler last month. They discussed her work in the show Skin and how her phrase New Casualism (coined in response to several artist and critics work to define a current trend) is manifest in her work. In response to the Pink Thing (below) Butler said "I purposefully stopped before I started,” or “I can do even less.”

Johnson works to coalese Butler's position writing
New Casualists seem to circumvent judgment and take control of how contemporary art is judged, yet they distance themselves from actual failure. Addressing judgment in New Casualism, Butler states: “If the viewer leaves a show of paintings agitated by their abrupt shifts, crosscurrents, and purposeful lack of formal cohesion, the work has succeeded.” She tells me that she tries “to avoid making the work look ‘right’…As I work, I don’t think about how it looks too much. Maybe other artists like to work in series with narrowly defined materials, ideas, and approaches, but, after making, say, five pieces that explore a certain vein, I usually move on.”

Sharon Butler, Pink Thing, 2013, pigment, binder, pencil, staples, stretchers, on linen tarp, 18 x 24 inches.
Sharon Butler, “Pink Thing” (2013). Pigment, binder, pencil, staples, stretchers, on linen tarp, 18 x 24″

Sharon Butler, Silencer in progress at the Elizabeth Foundation, 2013.
Sharon Butler, “Silencer” in progress at the Elizabeth Foundation, 2013


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