Diane Christiansen and the orgins of her work

What happens when you make a Buddhist angry? “Aggression,” says artist Diane Christiansen. “I realized in the last year that I’ve been filled with all this aggression, from the political landscape and in some personal things too, and it began to come out in the art.”
Philip Hartigan reviews Diane Christansen's show for Hyperallergic.  Read the full review here.
Christansen's show was at Kasia Kay Art Projects in Chicago Christiansen states, “I'm stirring three pots at all times: drawing, painting, and animation, which is hilarious given that overwhelm informs the content. And, there is some utterly readable imagery in there. That's right; that's a big welt of color reaching down to grab a nut.” 

Diane Christiansen, “Secret Obstacles” (2013), oil on plaster, 12 x 12 in

Detail of Christiansen’s “Nut” (2012), oil on plaster 

Diane Christiansen, “Drawing Stolen from John Henley and Others” (2013), Gouache on Paper (via kasiakaygallery.com)


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