Mark Dutcher, working things out: Artist Interview

Julia Schwartz interviewed Mark Dutcher for Figure/Ground Communication. They discuss his mentors, early influences, materials and the starting point for his paintings and sculptures.

Often I have a starting point, an idea that I have been thinking of, sometimes it has been percolating for months or even years. Many times I will circle back to an earlier idea as a starting point. Lately I can see the connections to work I was doing in the 80′s and to my interest in certain symbols.. The triangle, cup, target, or breaking apart words/ fragments of symbol. I love the idea that I am on this journey and yet I keep coming back to familiar terrain but it is always a new experience, a deeper understanding of something. So getting back to how I start … I usually work in a series… working out an idea over several paintings rather than trying to put everything into one piece.. I will have several canvases going that are the same size.. going from one painting to the next…. working on up to six or seven paintings at a time, rotating them in the studio. -Mark Dutcher  more

Mark Dutcher Blue Bars ( after Susan Rothenberg) 87″ x 52″ 2013
in progress- oil, pencil on canvas

Mark Dutcher, Pretending to See the Future 81″x 51 1/2″ 2011
oil, acrylic, glitter pipe cleaners, string, wood, pushpins on canvas


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