Artist Interview - Claudia Böse

Matthew Krishanu interviewed Claudia Böse in the fall for Contemporary British Painting. They discussed English painting and German painting, the importance of light, painting surfaces, her painting process and what it feels like to finish a work

It resonates with something, there’s some affiliation I feel, something that I wanted to mention or to address feels contained at that moment. But sometimes I don’t know it straight away…I need to come back to the studio three days later, or even six months later, I have it turned round, and then I feel ‘ah yes, it is finished’. It’s also just very practical, you feel there is nothing else you can do. You said everything you wanted to have said. It’s like – I also feel this is a bit like an equation – I feel equation done: I have done it – equals that.

Claudia Böse

Claudia se, Idiom, 70 x 50", 2010-11

Claudia Böse, Recesses, 21 x 31, 2013 


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