Christopher McNulty's Vanitas

It's been a while since I've seen Christopher McNulty's work, my fault I'm sure. I had included work from his Straight II series in an exhibition back when I was curating exhibitions regularly. Brett Levine reviewed McNulty's latest exhibition Days at University of Montevallo Gallery in Alabama. McNulty's work continues to focus on repetition, simple tools, and intensive labor.

Levine writes
In a wall text, it explained that these works are an ongoing visual investigation of the probable number of days that he has left to live. This number was derived from a visit to an actuary, and it serves as the foundation from which McNulty inhabits an artistic space somewhere between probability and, to use his term, vanitas.

Chris McNulty, 20,248 Days, 2007; burnt paper, 20 by 20 inches.

20,662 Days, 2006; graphite on paper, 22 by 22 inches


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