Joe Warrior Walker, Artist Interview

Traction Magazine interviewed Joe Warrior Walker about painting in the digital age. Walker discusses his thinking about technology and its historical incorporation into the discipline of painting. He also talks about collecting source material and his 'digitalized aesthetic'

For me the interdisciplinary nature of painting is where it lends itself to my practice. I have never been able to just paint a picture onto a blank canvas. For a long time I wished I could, and felt as if I was somehow cheating by always starting with some form of print or collage that I would then work over. I have come to realise that in fact it’s the very relationship between the different materials that I find most interesting. My work often fluctuates between the digital and the painterly. But the way in which I approach the work is always from the mind of a painter.

Rush Hour, 2010, mixed media on vinyl, 120x80cm
Joe Warrior Walker, Untitled Two, 2013. Mixed Media on canvas; 88 x 154 cm. 

Scaffold, 2013, mixed media on canvas, 50x40cm


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