Kour Pour at Untitled

Untitled has an exhibition of Kour Pour's. Steven Zevitas of New American Painting lists it as a must see painting show for January for the Huffington Post.


I've edited down the gallery press release to get to Pour's process

The image of the rug is silkscreened onto a canvas that has been primed with several layers of tinted gesso. ..The gesso he uses as primer is applied onto the canvas in horizontal and vertical strokes with a broom stick, to recreate the warp and weft of woven rugs.

Once the canvas has been silkscreened, the details of each composition are carefully hand painted. Silk Road Old Continent merchants admired Asian textiles and used their techniques to create images and colors more appropriate for the European taste. In the same vein, Pour's palette differs from the colors of the rugs he references and his use of neon hues can't help but bring to mind the de rigoeur gear on the beaches of Los Angeles, where he lives and works.

After months of priming, silkscreening and painting, Pour uses a circular sander to erase areas of the paintings. He then returns to them in order to repaint what has been lost, wherever possible. In the resulting paintings, he has obliterated parts of the narrative while highlighting others...
Kour Pour Heavenly Horses
Kour Pour
Heavenly Horses
Acrylic on canvas over panel 96 x 72 inches 243.8 x 182.9 cm
detail, Heavenly Horses

Installation view

Kour Pour Never Ending Story
Kour Pour
Never Ending Story
Acrylic on canvas over panel 96 x 72 inches 243.8 x 182.9 cm


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