Overstimulation and Painting, Simone Subal

The Event we Call Seeing was Sonia Almeida's exhibition at Simone Subal. As the show title alludes Almeida questions the nature of visual perception. Paulina Perlwitz reviewed the show for Big, Red and Shiny
Almeida is playing with the way we take in visual information currently, and I might go so far as to say as she’s poking fun of the fact that contemporary viewers are generally over-stimulated, and that we can only truly grasp so much information at once. 
Threaded through the show is a questioning of the screen as an idea; flowing, gestural forms duck in and out of painterly washes of transparent color. Walking through the show, one gets the feeling of being a key player in a game of hide and go seek with form itself.   more
Sonia Almeida

Sonia Almeida

Installation View


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