Stuart Lorimer, Artist Interview

Stuart Lorimer had a studio visit with Zachary Keeting and Christopher Joy of Gorky's Granddaughter. Lorimer's work ranges from figurative to abstract and even symbolism. 
They talked about Lorimer's interest in abstraction and figuration, the relationship between objects and figure, painting as character and the search for pathos in the work. 

In speaking about the work Lorimer worked to explain his thinking...
the representational and figurative and the biographical allure of that with something that is kind of perverse or ambiguous..more abstracted. Even with these painting that are abstracted, to me, even though it might be indirect, they still have a biographical reference point...  The interview is here

A Drum with Giles and Emily 
Oil on linen
14" x 11"
Oil on linen
12" x 14"


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