Alfredo Gisholt at Cue

Here are some paintings from Alfredo Gisholt's exhibition Canto General at Cue Art Foundation. Kara L. Rooney describes Alfredo Gisholt paintings in her review for the Brooklyn Rail.
In “América Insurrecta” (2013), caricatures of palm trees are grouped as a triptych along the painting’s right edge, their flaking bark a deadened alabaster white. A disfigured lamb, intended as a reference to the paintings of the Agnus Dei, rests on the sand below their non-existent shade. Mounds of boulder-like shapes and curved ellipses stack atop the tragic figure, where abstract chevron motifs and casually zigzagging lines conspire to flatten the painting’s representational presence. A half dozen or so cartoonishly rendered trees dot the landscape above, where at the work’s horizon, they morph into acetylene clouds pinned against the artificial glow of a gaseous yellow sky. 

 America Insurrecta, 2013 Oil on canvas, 72" x 84"
Alfredo Gisholt,  “America Insurrecta,” 2013. Oil on canvas, 72 × 84˝. Courtesy CUE Foundation 

 Vegetaciones, 2013 Oil on canvas, 72" x 84"
Alfredo Gisholt, 2013, Oil on Canvas
Algunas bestias, 2013
Alfredo Gisholt, 2013, Oil on Canvas


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