Ellen Altfest, painting represents and creates

It's so much easier to take a photograph of a figure than to paint them but its not same. Jennifer Higgie asked eight painters to talk about why they paint for Frieze Magazine

Ellen Altfest
...Painting is subjective. There is a kind of alchemy that happens when the visual information moves from the eye or mind to the brush. It’s an intuitive process. Achieving a likeness isn’t interesting in itself, it’s more of an entry point. A good portrait, for example, tells you what the person was like or how the artist viewed them. What the artist thinks or feels, consciously or unconsciously, is embedded in the work. Painting both represents the world and creates its own world.... more

Ellen Altfest, Armpit, 2011, oil on canvas, 21 × 18 cm. Courtesy: the artist and White Cube, London; photograph: Todd–White Art Photography


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