Ink Art at the Met

 Ink Art: Past as Present in Contemporary China at the Met is up for a couple more weeks and is worth a visit. It was definitely one of the more exciting shows I saw last week. The Met has a great website for this exhibition that makes it possible to look at the full length of the scrolls in detail, check it out here. Roberta Smiths reviewed the show in December calling the curators out on the scattered installation and some unevenness of the work, and its hard not to agree with her. At one point I thought I wandered into a a different show, but the works that recharge the tradition of Ink brush painting, works by Wenda Gu, Liu Dan, Wu Shanzhuan and Xu Bing really do the job well.

Liu Dan, Handscroll, Ink color on paper, 37 3/4 in. x 58 ft. 4 in

Mythos of Lost Dynasties Series—I Evaluate Characters Written by Three Men and Three Women
Gu Wenda (Chinese, born 1955)
Date: 1985


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