Julie Heffernan and Pierre Bonnard

Julie Heffernan and Virginia Wagner's blog Painters on Painting asks artists to write about an artwork that's had a significant impact on them. Julie Heffernan started things out writing about Bonnard's Large Yellow Nude.

I first saw Bonnard’s Large Yellow Nude at MOMA in 1998, and was immediately struck by what an exceedingly weird painting it is.  It effectively has no paint on it–just washes of paint, scumbles and scribbles, and a few dark brown clots on its lower portion.  The only really thick paint on it is those brown clots.  Artist and critic Robert Berlind, whose penetrating observation about it I heard years later, gave me the key to understanding its ground-breaking power..... more

Pierre Bonnard, Large Yellow Nude, 1931, Oil on canvas, 170 x 107.3 cms


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