Mira Schor at CB1

Mira Schor's exhibition at CB1 Gallery Chthonic Garden was reviewed by Joanna Roche in her column Notes From the Underground for Artillery.

Roche meets with Schor and recalls earlier exhibitions of her work as she describes this exhibition as a surprisingly optimistic body of work. 
Roche explains 
In “Chthonic Garden,” the avatar has come into her own, inhabiting a lusher, more narrative realm, where handwritten words share her space, which may be above or below the horizon, or even inverted. “There is no upside down, we’re living in a topsy-turvy world,” Schor remarked in her well-attended gallery talk on opening night. 
Mira Schor, Reversible Painting: Map, 2013
Ink and oil on gesso on linen, 28" x 24"
Mira Schor - Underground Garden, 2013
Mira Schor, Underground Garden, 2013, oil on linen, 24" x 45


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