Robert Bechtel at Barbara Gladstone

Lucy Li write's about Robert Bechtel's exhibition at Barbara Gladstone for Art Critical
Photorealist painter Robert Bechtle’s source images are most likely not trending on Instagram. His trademark subjects, when reviewed as a list, sound tearfully forgettable: parked cars, covered parked cars, middle class suburban houses, trees, peopleless streets. Yet, he conjures something moving and miraculous with these ascetic ingredients.  more
In a 2010 interview Judith Olch Richards asked Mr. Bechtel about use of the photograph...
Well, I think it's changed, but it's by small degrees. I have friends that - painted from photographs - that would say that their ambition was to make the painting look as much like the photograph as they could, but I didn't feel that that was my intent.I kept in reserve a sense that there was a certain painterly quality that I was trying to achieve, even in the most - you know, the period that I think of as the most precisely painted - you know, mid-'70s to, say, mid-'80s - and I think I started looking for ways that I could expand on the painterliness, find ways of painting a little more roughly, not finishing things quite so much. And when you're working with photographs as a source, it's very hard to break away from [all the information] - there's a certain tyranny that the photo imposes.
Robert Bechtle, Robert Bechtle_2014
Robert Bechtle, Six Cars on 20th Street
Six Cars on 20th Street, 2007, Watercolor on paper, 22 3/8 x 30 inches

Robert Bechtle, Covered Car - Alameda
Covered Car - Alameda, 2009, Watercolor on paper, 10 x 14 inches


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