Sam Messer Artist Interview

Christopher Joy and Zachary Keeting, Gorky's Granddaughter, visit the studio of painter Sam Messer. Messer draws through the entire visit and he talks about his portraits..these are done in one sitting..they might take a lot of time...but I've been working on the painting for over a year. I don't get people to sit still...I'm interested in conversational time. 

Messer talks about I'm not interested in likeness I'm interested in feeling and this is why he doesn't rework the portrait because it would change to a fixed emotion or feeling in his head...and then it just dies. He thinks about the portrait as a collaboration but the rest of the painting is about the form and can be worked further.  Check out the entire interview here.

Sam Messer, Eggelston, 2004 , Oil on canvas, 84 x 79 1/8 inches 

Sam Messer, 2013
Sam Messer, Big Dog, Little Dog, Oil on Canvas, 80″ x 70″ (2013)


  1. Just curious, did he sign any of his paintings/drawings? Can't tell from the photos here.


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