Whitney Claflin, Crows

There are many Kandinsky paintings that bore me to tears but there are a few I find absolutely transcendental. I was never sure looking at his work, how or when he knew his painting was done, what quality was he seeking, specifically in the works I didn't appreciate. I felt like I was missing something.  I was thinking about this when I read Andrew Russeth's review of Whitney Claflin's show Crows, check it out here. How does Claflin know when a painting is done? I can fall in love with her wispy gestural abstractions as those marks quiver on the surface, refusing to settling down, existing as a drawing and a painting simultaneously.   But like Kandinsky there are a couple that come together differently, that don't have that same trembling surface tension and I'm left wondering if there are multiple agendas in this exhibition or if some of the work harkens back to her previous exhibitions or might be stepping forward to the next one.  

Whitney Claflin at Real Fine Arts

Whitney Claflin at Real Fine Arts

Whitney Claflin, Flied, 2013


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