Because I was working with paint on a canvas I was a painter, Artist Interview, Robert Janitz

Stick Shift HeavenRobert Janitz's exhibition of gestural abstractions at Team Gallery included a series of paintings and a few objects.  

Noah Dillon interviewed Janitz for Art Critical. They discuss his process, not being a painter, life in Paris and painting in NYC and of course paint as a material.. 
I’m still tackling how to deal with paint. For some of the earlier works I was using a blowtorch to blister the paint layers or scraping layers off. It was an aging process that takes the work a little bit out of my hands or out of a painted universe. The ones I’m making now, their translucent waxiness starts becoming opaque during the first couple of days. The rest comes in very slow. That slow solidification is archaeological in a way.  

Installation view, Robert Janitz

Robert Janitz, Special Delivery, 2013 oil and wax on linen 104 x 80 inches

Robert Janitz, Humility, an Old Shoe, 2014 oil, wax and flour on linen 77 x 60 inches


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