I tried to catch the fog. I mist, Lauren Silva

Lauren Silva is new to me, and a pleasant surprise. I actually entered the gallery a little reluctantly, I wasn't interested by the airbrushed paintings immediately on view. I'm glad I stuck with it, these were a delightful surprise. All of the prepositions of paint were in play, things were on, next to, on top, beside, and underneath....they're just a lot of fun, with some great compositions too.  Take a look at the details, they make all the difference.

Lauren Silva, Flicker, 2014, acrylic and oil on canvas ,96 x 84 inches


Lauren Silva


Lauren Silva, Dipper, 2014, acrylic and oil on canvas, 96 x 84 inches


  1. From the Gallery window these are hideous, I wish I would have seen them up-close.


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