The Sky is On the Floor, Alexander Kroll

Alexander Kroll's exhibition The Sky is On the Floor is up at Fredrick Snitzer Gallery in Miami. His work went through some major transformations a couple years ago, shifting into a more direct engagment with abstraction.  In an interview with Joey Veltkamp for the New American Painting Blog Kroll said
Well, the idea of painterliness might be the most important part of the work. Perhaps more than anything else. More than any idea of abstraction. Painterliness and space, illusionistic space. Working between these ideas is where my practice as an artist has really solidified. This really speaks to the idea of abstraction as an intellectual construction, as well as a set of formal concerns. I think the painterly can be construed as a position, before it has any kind of stylistic identity or art historical reference. more

David Kroll, installation view at Fredrick Snitzer Gallery
David Kroll, The Sky on the Floor, 2014
Flashe, acrylic, and urethane on canvas, 84 x 96 in.

David Kroll, Spirit Service, 2014Flashe, acrylic and urethane on canvas
84 x 96 in.


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