Ashley Bickerton, painting in Bali, Artist Interview

’2CWaE2P.G.2TbW 2014′, mixed media on jute, 219 x 244 cm
Naima Morellli went to Bali to interview Ashley Bickerton for Trouble Magazine. The interview feels a bit like Morelli is wrestling a hydra but it provides a glimpse of Bickerton's thoughts about his escape from New York, his decision to stop using the air brush, and collectors.

Look, I’m a surfer, I’m a human being. Those breakdowns in-between cultures don’t exist anymore. Everybody wears Gap or whatever the heck, it all looks alike. Everyone has the same suitcases in the airport. There used to be individual surf styles, there was a California look, a Hawaii look where I grew up. Those things don’t exist anymore, that’s long gone, the internet has broken it down. As the internet has broken religion down, it also destroys cultural variety. We don’t need gods or differences anymore, not in the same way. It’s tribal in a different way now. There is a whole different epistemology at work. more
‘Junk Anthropologies’ 2014, mixed media on jute, 203 x 243 cm.


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