Eleanor Ray in Florence

Eleanor Ray's new show at Steven Harvey included paintings of Florence, actually the view from right down the street from where I am writing this. Digging into her bio a bit I find that she's also originally from Gainesville, FL, the place that I call home. Small world. Her small paintings fit perfectly into the language of Florence, of Giotto, Masaccio, the Pietre Durre Museum, and the thousands of wonderful small devotional images that make Florence the wonder it is. Ray takes that devotion and brings it into the present.

Eleanor Ray, Santa Croce, 2013, Oil on Panel, 4 7/16 x 5 14/16"

Eleanor Ray, January Windows, 2014, Oil on Panel, 6 2/8 x 7 13/16"

Eleanor Ray, Lawn Chair, 2013, Oil on Panel, 5 x 6"


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