Love Your Work, Rochelle Feinstein

Will Heinrich writes for the NYGallerist
Inside the gallery is Love Vibe, a single installation of six oil paintings, each just over six feet square, showing the same speech balloon in reverse against notional panels of a similar dark green, on white walls, over a floor the color of spoiled butter. It’s a painting of looking at painting as a social performance, with “love your work,” thanks to the legions of jaw-clenching schmucks who try to achieve some petty glamour by dropping their pronouns, operating both as the empty tribute of insincere well-wishers and the mean-spirited advice, from society at large, to anyone lucky enough to be making art instead of driving a truck or stealing on Wall Street.
Rochelle Feinstein
Rochelle Feinstein, Love Your Work (1999), Fresco, 24 by 18 by 1-1/4 inches
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