Another Way of Knowing, Leslie Baum

Baum, _Another Way of Knowing_ (2013)
Leslie Baum, Another Way of Knowing, 2013

John Yau writes about his studio visit with Leslie Baum for Hyperallergic. It's an interesting read and I appreciate his work as he puzzles, pun intended, his way through an intriguing body of work that resists unification.

“Another Way of Knowing” seemed to be about different ways of experiencing a landscape, from the spray painted sun hanging low in the sky to the outcropping of jagged rocks suggested by the floor pieces, which stand between the viewer and the wall work. And yet, by varying her mediums and materials, Baum also played with the viewer’s expectations — for one, the sun seemed more like a watercolor than a blast of spray paint. It was also apparent to me that Baum wasn’t being ironic or didactic in her variations of medium and format, that she was after something else, which whetted my curiosity further.........During our conversation I learned that Baum was not wedded to a particular process, matter or material. At one point, she started using the cutout shapes, which she had generated from the watercolors she had made of photographs that she had taken of pottery shards, as guides for tracing shapes on reproductions of paintings, which she would also render in watercolor. Baum’s process of one thing leading to another is guided by drawing in paint, beginning with watercolor, which cannot be gone over or wiped clean. 
Fitted together, these shapes became the basis of paintings that would inevitably undergo further changes. For the most part, the citation was both lost and transformed in the process. More

Leslie Baum, Heart on my Sleeve, 2013, oil, spray paint, exterior latex house paint on sintra


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