For the Love of Gene Davis, Polly Apfelbaum

The original installers of Franklin's Footpath, immersed in Apfelbaum's work 1
The original installers of “Franklin’s Footpath,” immersed in Apfelbaum’s work.

Noreen Kress reviews "For the Love of Gene Davis" a two person show at Temple Contemporary. The exhibition of Polly Apfelbaum and Dan Cole is grounded in the work of painter Gene Davis, specifically his 414 foot long stripe painting in front of the Philadelphia Museum (image below)

Observing from the perimeter of the gallery, I noticed the spatial boundaries of the architecture begin to disappear, blurred by the loud stripes of color. Complementary color choices paired side-by-side create visual tension—oranges buzzing against pale blues, vibrating with cool purples. In other moments of the painting, analogous colors rest next to each other, sharing a calm and gentle harmony. I reveled in the feeling of the undulating colors beginning to absorb and transform the physical boundaries around me—a feat of installation attempted by many and fully realized by few. more
Gene Davis, Franklin's Footpath, 1972


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