Glenn Brown's Grisaille Paintings

Continuing to mine art history Glenn Brown has a new show up at Gagosian. Nan Goldin, also mining the past has a show up in Rome (pictures from that tomorrow). I prefer Browns grisaille paintings in this show, but I've always been attracted to his painting handling more than his images. Works such as In My Time of Dying, in so called "acid tones" read as screen shots or digital prints and quickly lose my attention. 

GLENN BROWN, The Death of the Virgin, 2012, Oil on panel
90 9/16 x 67 15/16 inches, Photo by Mike Bruce

Glenn Brown Installation View, Photo by Rob McKeever

GLENN BROWN, In My Time of Dying, 2014  , Oil on panel    
52 3/8 x 39 inches, Photo by Rob McKeever


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