Landscapes with Water, Dan Attoe

Dan Attoe, Surfers in the Moonlight, 2, 2013, oil on canvas over MDF, 31 x 31 cm
Ana Finel Honigman reviewed Dan Attoe at Peres for Frieze Magazine
The tiny figures floating and pushing past each in Attoe’sMountain Swimming Pool (2013) look like bacteria in a Petri dish. Their bodies are long and uniform. Some seem to be female, because they have tiny dashes of white paint that serve as bandeau bikini tops and long brown hair; others only have short hair and bottoms. Despite being densely crowded together, they each seem isolated and self-consumed. And they all remain within the tightly defined perimeters of the clearly chlorinated pool. A few of the micro-people stick to the sides of the pool but none of them engage with the natural splendour beyond the wooden deck that seems to run straight off a cliff ringed by snow-covered mountains and crisp mountain air.

Dan Attoe, Mountain Swimming Pool, 2013, oil on canvas over MDF, 31 x 31 cm

Dan Attoe, Swimming Pool at Night, 2, 2014, oil on canvas over MDF, 31 x 31 cm


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