Neill Raitt and The Joy of Painting

Neill Raitt was nominated for the Caitlin Art Prize and was interviewed by Harriet Thorpe for FAD. Thorpe asked Raitt to describe the work he made for the Caitlin exhibition
This series comes from ideas that run parallel ... more specifically this 1980s television programme called The Joy of Painting. I grew up watching it on the Discovery channel and the God channel. It was a programme about how to paint landscapes in half an hour. The aesthetic was really specific and I was thinking about how that approach to painting, the ultimate accessibility, weaves its way into a conversation of a painting that would be interesting in the context of contemporary art. It became a game of blurring lines between high art and something very kitsch. More

Neil Raitt, Installation view, Catlin Art Prize, 2014

Neil Raitt, Fade (triptych), oil on canvas, 2014
Neil Raitt, Untitled (Island), oil on canvas, 50 x 40cm, 2014 


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