Smooth or Crunchy Redux, Jennifer Wynne Reeves

This was originally posted in March, sadly the artist passed away this past week. I find her work exciting and unpredictable and gloopy and gloppy and all the things that make painting wonderful.
Jennifer Reeves was interview by  Julia Schwartz for Figure Ground, they discussed her process and her thinking about narrative painting. I posted images of Reeves most recent show at BravinLee here

Mostly, I am drawn to materials that are smooth or crunchy....
....after the slugs transformed into abstract figures they started to talk. Now they are developing arms. I’m not sure what is happening but I think the abstract characters, the former slugs, are slowly being figurized. Abstraction is taking on the power of representation, a power it has always had because, as I see it, spiritual sense, or inspiration, is real.


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