Toyin Odutola's new work

Toyin Odutola is a busy woman, besides recent residencies in Florida at Flying Horse Press, she just opened Like the Sea is a new exhibition at Jack Shainman. This work focuses on her brothers.

Odutola states, “My family and I have constantly been affected by the places we have lived and in so doing have adjusted ourselves to every context. It's something I have carried with me into adulthood—this application of compromising oneself to fit my surroundings—and my brothers as well. This is not something we view as strange anymore, having to change yourself or your nature to mold it into each and every context we find ourselves in.”

Toyin Odutola

Toyin Odutola, Installation view

Toyin Odutola

Toyin Odutola, LTS IV, 2014, charcoal, pastel, and marker on paper, 42 x 66 1/2 inches 


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