Chaim Soutines Urgency

James Klam video blogs his visit to the Chaim Soutine exhibition at Paul Kasmin. David Carbone wrote Sensuous Orgies of Luminous Writhing Paint: Chaim Soutine Still Lifes for Artcritical.
There is nothing routine or indifferent in a work by Soutine. He was an ecstatic and painting was his vehicle into rapture. Few so-called expressionists have had Soutine’s capacity to render painterly effects, no matter how crude, into emotions so fully felt, so convincing. And this experience is heightened by its crabbed and bittersweet aspect: at once joyous and anguished more
Chaim Soutine, Plucked Goose, 1932-1933, oil on panel, 19 1/4 x 16 1/2  inches
Private Collection.


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