Kadar Brock at Diet Gallery

In an interview with Alex Brown Kardar Brock mentioned that basic labor was a major component of his work, relating his process to the process of building or graffiti clean up. It's a refreshing blue collar approach to painting that gets overlooked too often in pursuit of inspiration and we all know what Chuck Close has to say about that!  Check out the full interview here.  Here is work from his recent show at Diet Gallery in Miami.
Kadar Brock, deredemipilii, 2009-14, Oil, spray paint, and house paint on canvas, 16 x 12 in

Kadar Brock, Installation View, Gallery Diet

Kadar Brock, deredemifloreulpi, 2009-2014
Oil, acrylic, flashe, spray paint, and house paint on canvas, 96 x 72"

detail deredemipilii


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