Taylor, Frecon, Berlow and more Paintings on Paper

David Zwirner has an exhibition Paintings on Paper up through the summer in the gallery. Tamar Zinn blogged on the exhibition and notes that the immediacy and informality of paper provides a different type of engagement.
The act of painting on paper is personal and intimate. Without the laborious preparation necessary for painting on panels or stretched canvas, and working with the entire field in focus, the painter can execute concentrated and honest investigations. The small size of these paintings demand close examination, and the surface of the various papers provide yet another layer of richness to these explorations. read more

Al Taylor, [no title], ca. 1982/1985, Acrylic paint on newsprint
12 7/16 x 9 13/16 inches, © 2014 The Estate of Al Taylor; courtesy of David Zwirner, New York/London

Ben Berlow, Untitled, 2013, Gouache on paper, 7 1/4 x 5 inches © 2014 Ben Berlow
Susan Frecon, curved and angled terre verte over ochre, 2014, Watercolor on single-weight agate-burnished Indian jute paper, 11 3/8 x 15 3/4 inches, © 2014 Susan Frecon


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