Albert Oehlen's new paintings

I posted Albert Oehlen's drawing a couple years ago, here's the link.  E. Baker reviews Albert Oehlen's exhibition at Gagosian Beverly Hills for Art Observed.   Baker writes primarily about Oehlen's process

Oehlen’s work combines a self-imposed set of rules and limitations with a process of impulsiveness, eclecticism, and unpredictability. He uses brushes as well as his fingers to paint, and often involves practices of collage and computer generated images, embracing smudges and stains in his work that leave evidence of his process and exchange with his materials. Often, damaged or torn signs and magazine advertisements form the foundation of his large-scale works, on which he paints, draws, erases, and spills, all the while employing geometry. Oehlen superimposes his own fingerprints and brushstrokes on the readymade image, turning what was intended as concrete into something abstract and figurative.  

Installation View

ALBERT OEHLEN, Untitled, 2012, Oil, paper on canvas, 70 7/8 x 90 9/16 inches (180 x 230 cm)
Photo by Lothar Schnepf

ALBERT OEHLEN, Untitled, 2014, Oil and paper on canvas, 90 9/16 x 106 5/16 inches (230 x 270 cm)
Photo by Lothar Schnepf


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